Good Times ! photo: Graham Watson

Victory !

It was great to win stage 5 of the Tour of the Basque country. I will have a full update on the site very soon, thanks for all the continued support guys!


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Podium at La Primavera

It was a very long, very hard and very wet day in the saddle but placing on the podium at the historical Milan – San Remo race this weekend was no doubt my highlight of the season so far. Lasting the rain and hail and being able to keep my concentration and focus throughout the brutal but beautiful race has continued to boost my confidence. I’m really happy with the fact I was there in the mix at the end of the race for a rider type like myself that’s what its all about. Thanks to the team who rode superbly all day…!


It was a wet, wild and windy day. CK and G show their game face

It was a wet, wild and windy day. CK and G show their game face

Leaving it on the road!

Leaving it on the road!

It was a good day...looking forward to next year!

It was a good day…looking forward to next year! Congrats to Alexander Kristoff on his win


All photos courtesy of Graham Watson






A good start to 2014

Hi All
So I’m happy to report that all things are well and I am feeling very good after my return to racing in Mallorca. I think everyone knew how excited I was to get back to this level of racing.

Of course I was still aware that I needed to keep focused and not throw myself into anything reckless because any lapse in concentration can put you on the deck and that could almost immediately halt all my progress.

Last year in the same event I had a spill on a tricky bit of descent which knocked my knee, so this year I made sure when I was approaching that corner I was right at the front and on my team mates wheel. I definitely made sure I was safe.

Although I don’t dwell on things like this too much (if you did you would never get on your bike!) but I just wanted to be sure I made that corner and once I had then it was on with the race and totally forgotten.

Overall I was very happy with my performance at Mallorca, I felt like I was in a good place when I was climbing and I felt good when sprinting so mentally that’s really encouraging especially after my time out.

It was very pleasing to be able to slot straight back into racing after having so much time away as you never know how long it can take to find your feet again.

As I’m sure you can imagine sprinting is never simple and the incident on my second podium was frustrating at the time, but you quickly move on and there is always the next race coming up fast so you really can’t dwell on it for too long. The positive thing is being right there contesting the sprints in my first race back, it means I know I’m heading in the right direction in terms of form

Post Mallorca, I took time to asses my condition and see how my body recovered I was feeling good so again a real positive. As athletes we are constantly making sure we are where we need to be in terms of condition, theses assessments allow us to see where we can improve and the areas that need work on.

When the season has started you can never rest on your laurels, you may of thought I might take a couple of days recovery after Mallorca but as I was feeling good I have to keep pushing forward with my training to improve.

So next up is Oman, I’m here now along with some of the best sprinters in the world, in fact I can only think of a couple that are not here so it should make for some super exciting sprints. I am looking forward to getting stuck into the days that suit me and giving it my best shot and seeing how I compare with these guys.

Amazing scenery in Oman

Amazing scenery in Oman

I feel confident I can hold my own a lot better now positionally as I am physically a lot stronger, but with so many great sprinters and sprint trains here its also going to be a test of my tactical nous to be able to pick the right ones to use.

It’s my first stage race for a while so it will be good to catch up with a few riders I’ve not seen for a bit, not that’s it’s a social occasion! We have our eyes firmly on the prize, but in the odd moments of calm we get in a race no doubt I’ll have a chat with a few old friends.

Definitely some hills!

Definitely some hills!

There are a couple of really hard days in the race and honestly I am looking forward to testing my climbing legs and if I can take my opportunities and be there challenging in the sprints for the win then great, but I am also here to help our GC contenders.

Time to go to work!



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The 2014 season

Hi All,
After the Xmas period I’m back at the team training camp in Mallorca and it’s given me a bit of time to be able to put pen to paper and update everyone on my progress and thoughts for the coming season.

Mallorca camp in December

Mallorca camp in December



The shoulder is doing really well I am now 4 months post op and getting a lot of the movement and strength back. There is still at lot of work to do as I got into some bad habits and bad movement patterns whilst I had the shoulder injury but it is going in the right direction and once I’ve eradicated these then I’m looking forward to getting it back to 100%.

As the shoulder gets better I am starting to tailor my training to my rider type so during the camp I have taken on a more sprint focused training program, I have been using the gym, track and road training to specifically give attention to sprinting and the specific skills needed for the discipline.

The gym has been going well and I have enjoyed it as it is a new type of training for me and I have loved getting back on the track, on the boards gives you a really different feel and you can do some pretty detailed sprint work on there. I have also been adding a lot of sprinting efforts into my road rides. This mix of disciplines and variety is good for me psychologically also as it keeps training fresh and interesting.

As I’m sure most people reading this know Mallorca is where the team does all their training camps. I thought it might be interesting if I gave you a little peek behind the scenes into how these camps are structured, for me in any case.

So on the camp in December we split the camp into two different sections, the first 4 days was a team get together basically a debrief of the season and a look towards the new year.
To be honest these are always quite long and normally boring days for the riders, as we don’t really do sitting in meetings very well (as I’m sure you can imagine!).

But I totally understand how it’s necessary and good for the whole team to get together like this. It was really positive and there was a real buzz created for the 2014 season.

The second part of the camp was about riding augmented with individual core and gym sessions. We train together on the bikes with a 10am start every morning. You get your training agenda the evening before so you know what you’re doing, for most days we are out for 5-6 hours depending what session it is.

10am start of training.

10am start of training.

The good thing about these camps for me is are there are no distractions at all, its really focused and once you get all your work done you are able to rest right with the benefits of massage and the team chef as nutrition and diet is of course so important.

I then came home for Xmas, I had a really relaxing time and the weather was fairly good so I managed to get all my work done that I wanted to do in between the December camp and the camp that will start in January. Once my training work was done I was able to take a few easy days over Christmas to enjoy time with the family

We have new kit this season and I’m really happy with it there is so much tech that goes into the kit I can’t possibly go into it all here… Suffice to say there were loads of small improvements in all aspects of it from a rider perspective the main improvements have been the changes to the cut the of the kit and for me it fits superbly.

Blue bottles this year

Blue bottles this year

After my sojourn to Nice last year we looked at a base for this year and decided I will be staying in the Isle of Man and supplementing this with going away for training camps, when they fit.
I just find that the terrain suits me a lot better there which means I can train better, the weather might not be as good but I can get enough good weather at races. The first of my personal camps will be in Tuscany in late May the season will of started by then so I’ll be fully focused on my aims this year which include…

First getting back to winning races, then getting my first grand tour stage win. I’m happy setting myself targets like this as it gives you motivation to work towards them and if you achieve them there is no better feeling!

Here is to 2014 and I’ll hopefully see you on the road!


Inspiring South Africa Trip

As you may of read I’ve recently been on an amazing trip to South Africa. I stepped up my rehab in the warmer climate and was lucky enough to be able to experience some fantastic riding and truly inspiring experiences that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I spoke to Team Sky about my time and here are some exerts from the interview and some photos from the trip!

I knew I liked Cape Town as soon as I arrived

I knew I liked Cape Town as soon as I arrived!














African adventure for Swift

Ben’s trip to the Southern Hemisphere however, was not memorable solely for his improved condition, but for a friendship he struck up with one of Africa’s brightest cycling talents.

Before touching down in the Western Cape, Swift had been put in contact with Nicholas Dlamini through Stephen Roche, who had spotted the 18 year old’s talents earlier in the year and then worked in co-operation with the JAG Foundation and Velokhaya Life Cycling Academy to help sponsor a trip to Europe which saw Dlamini blow the field away on a ride from London to Paris.

It was through these township community programmes that Swift arranged to take a trip to Capricorn Park where Dlamini lives, and the encounter brought about a rapport which has had a profound effect on the Team Sky sprinter.

Swift explained: “I love being based in South Africa during the off-season and as part of my training I’d decided to take part in an event called the Double Century, which is a 202km team time trial for teams of 12 riders of all ages and backgrounds. Nicholas was in the team with me so I took the opportunity to visit him after getting in touch with the people who run these fantastic community projects.

“Heading into the township was a real eye-opener because the way he lives is a world away from anything I’d ever known. Nicholas was brought up with nothing, but thanks to the support he’s received from the programmes, he’s using sport to try and make a better life for himself.

“He still lives with his mother and three sisters in a house which is no bigger than a few garden sheds, and there’s so little room he has to store his bike in the bath. Everyone I met was so friendly though, and so welcoming when we called around.

“Nicholas is a hero inside the township – they’re so proud of him because he represents their community whenever he’s competing.”

Nicholas and Ben at his home in Capricorn Park

Nicholas and Ben at his home in Capricorn Park

The Hot Chillee Squad riding the Coronation Double Century Race

The Hot Chillee squad riding the Coronation Double Century Race















“Aiming To Inspire”

Dlamini’s talents have seen him rise through the domestic ranks and he will represent South Africa at the African Championships before setting his sights on the European racing scene once his schooling finishes in 2014.

Swift is already predicting a bright future for the youngster, and has volunteered to mentor Dlamini as he prepares to make a life-changing switch to cycling’s heartland.

He added: “I’ve told Nicholas I’ll give him all the help I can and it would be great if we could get him in a few U23 races in Italy next year to test the water and see how he gets on.

“Hopefully that will sow the seeds and allow other young riders from the Western Cape to follow in his path.

“It’s an honour to be able to do something like this because as professional cyclists, we’re here to inspire and that’s exactly what Team Sky was set up to do.

“Chris Froome’s achievements have already had a massive effect across Africa and I’m delighted to do my bit as well.

“Team Sky are a massive team out here and any advice Nicholas needs, I’ll be more than happy to give it because the stories he’s told me have really inspired me as well. He’s grown up in meager surroundings to become an absolutely unbelievable rider, and the determination that must have taken is mind-blowing.”

Great times and great friends ! I'll be back

Great times and great friends ! I’ll be back


Back on the road!

Hi All
The rehab on the shoulder continues and its been great to get back on the roads and start getting some training miles in.

Back on the tarmac! Love it

Back on the tarmac and loving it !

Great to be back out with some old friends. Once again..thanks for all the support!

Great to be back out with some old friends. Once again..thanks for all the support!


post op


Hello All,

It’s been a while since I wrote something on the website.  As I’m sure most of you know my season ended abruptly during the Eneco tour when it was plain to see my shoulder was still not right and we took the decision there and then to end my season and get the problem fixed once and for all, so as to ensure that I will have the right amount of time to prepare for the 2014 season.

The good news is I’m already on the road to recovery, I underwent my shoulder operation in early September and the operation was a success. Those who follow me on Twitter and Instagram you may well of seen the contraption I have to wear but if it helps me get right then I’m not going to complain!

From now onwards I will be working closely with the physios and doctors at Team Sky and British Cycling to get back to full fitness, the shoulder is such a crucial and complex part of the body that I’m very glad to be in the hands of some of the best in the business.

At the moment my rehab consists of resting! It’s slightly boring but its for the best, I ‘m just focussing on looking after myself, eating the right things and keeping healthy waiting for mid October when the arm is out of the sling and I can build up the intensity of the physio work and get back on the home trainer. Then if all is well things can move pretty fast and within 8-12 weeks of the operation I aim to be back on the road.

One positive side effect of the operation is that I’ve been able to watch loads of my favourite sport…Cycling! I’m a big fan and try and watch as many races as I can, which at the moment is practically everything!

It’s great to see the Brad.. sorry Sir Brad back firing again at the Tour of Britain and well done to all those braving the British weather to get out and see the race.

I’m also really looking forward to watching the World Championships, it’s a race that all the top riders aim to come to in peak condition and this year it’s hard to not feel, if he can last the course Peter Sagan could add the rainbow bands to what has been a stunning season for him already.

Beyond cycling I’m also a big fan of Moto GP I have been following the progress of Cal Crutchlow and am really enjoying the battle between: Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa.

I guess at the moment you can say I’m more a professional sports fan than a sportsman! But beyond this and on a more serious note I’m also using my time out to focus and think about how I can improve myself as a rider for when I make my return, this is another positive I can take from my rehabilitation.  During the season its full on and sometimes you don’t have enough time to think let alone make improvements but now I have this time I’m planning on using it well and I have a lot of ideas on how to improve.

Once again thanks for all your continued support its all really appreciated and motivates me to come back super strong in 2014!

I’ll update you all soon with my progress, cheers for now